Friday, October 25, 2013

All You Need to Know About InstalleRex

For developers of applications or softwares, one of the best service providers in the market would be InstalleRex. Specializing in the monetization of applications or softwares, InstalleRex is a platform that aids in the installation of softwares and applications. Aside from installing them, it assists in the monetization of the distribution of any software and application.

 How does InstalleRex work?

 This web-based system helps generate earnings from downloads. With the system, those who publish or develop applications and softwares are able to earn from each download. A cloud-based platform, InstalleRex allows modifications to be able to suit the needs of different developers and publishers of various applications and softwares. It helps with monetization by engaging different advertisers to place their ads in websites where the applications and softwares are being searched for and downloaded from.

The target market of InstalleRex

 InstalleRex is perfect for those developers and publishers whose applications and softwares are free for download. These apps and softwares would include those used for mobile devices and for computers. As developers have no way of earning from free apps, one way they can earn would be through advertisements. As a lot of people download free software on a daily basis, each download will bring in some revenue to the one who developed such a software. The system is also perfect for developers and publishers who are just starting out or who have new softwares and apps to test in the market. With the network of InstalleRex, the new app or software will be able to reach out more potential users. By reaching a wider market, there is bigger chances of earning more. It also has a targeting system that zooms into the groups that are most likely to download certain apps.

 How reliable is InstalleRex?

 Being a full-fledged company, one can rest assured that InstalleRex is stable and reliable. With stable backup systems, they would still be able to make products available online even when other servers might be down. Aside from being reliable, the site is very secure as it undergoes regular scanning to ensure that there is no infiltration of malware and viruses. That way you are sure that your users will not be bombarded by any possible malware and virus.

 Is InstalleRex affordable?

 Despite the advanced system, any developer and publisher can be sure that they will get every penny they pay for back. They only charge for downloads and installations that have been successful. Should there be program and softwares that failed to download, these will not be charged. Because of this, this is a very cost-effective way of marketing your apps and softwares. The best thing is their sophisticated tracking system that notes all the installations and generates accurate data. For installation platforms, InstalleRex is definitely one way to go about. With their stable and reliable systems, one can feel assured that any of their apps and softwares will be well taken care of.

  Author: Jean Rex

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Great ideas are being generated every day. More often than not, most of these strokes of genius go to waste because action was not taken to turn into something real. Moreover, the opportunity to monetize from these ideas will have gone to waste because you just let the chance pass you by. The trouble with great ideas and people that have them is that what to do next is the hardest part of the process. The lack of information or the necessary skills to capitalize on an idea is what makes it go to waste.

The Next Big Thing

A lot of the ideas being generated these days have something to do with apps. Since the smart phone revolution, applications have been coming out left and right. To this day, there are thousands of apps that are made for various types of devices. Whether they are utility, social networking, business or gaming apps, hundreds of new applications are being churned out every single day. While a lot of them are noticeable and can prove to be useful, some are not really bothered with for a couple of reasons. First, the product is not good at all. This is where research is factored in. If you have a product that people do not need, then it won’t be quite as useful as you think it is. More importantly, the second reason is that a product is not distributed well so that it does not reach the right people who would want to download it.

Importance of Distribution

A big reason why applications that have been launched do not become popular is that they were not properly distributed to ensure that they reach their target audience. Even if you have a great product but it is not marketed well, you won’t see any returns on your investment. This is why proper channels must be used and distribution of your product must be taken care of so that everything you’ve worked so hard for won’t go to waste. In fact, when you look at some of the popular apps, a select few are really quite useless. However, since they were distributed well, they become popular downloadable applications. You should also take advantage of this and make sure that if you have an app or an idea for one, become partners with a company that is an expert on this particular field.


If you are serious and dead set in turning your idea for an application into something that you can benefit from and other people as well, then you need to partner up with a company such as
. What they can do is take your idea and turn it into an actual product that you can monetize from. Furthermore, the team will also be responsible for distributing the product across the globe and ensure that your product reaches its target market. You also do not need to pay them upfront as the company will only charge you for every successful download a user makes of your product. Many have already seen the turnaround success of their ideas by using Installerex to make their apps useable.

Author: Jean Rex

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Build Your Installers with Installerex

Building, creating, or developing installers always prove to be such a challenge to application developers. Not only does it involve perhaps some hardcore coding, it also requires that your installer adhere with several requirements associated to your application. Without any help, this task might prove to be as laborious and as time-consuming as it should be.

Fortunately, application developers could now celebrate as they now are introduced to Installerex, an installation platform that caters to developers to build their desired installers. Installerex simplifies the installer development, and ups installers to a higher level. It promotes that developers come up with their creativity and style for their installer designs.

Installerex provides a set of tools and various applications that developers can choose from in order to produce a more competent and simplified installer, however they wish it be. This installation platform allows full customization of the installers, leaving the final product all to the judgment and creativity of the developer.

Aside from this, Installerex also features marketing and advertising tools that help promote the installer products to the market, and thus, allow application developers to gain profit. The installation platform itself guarantees a higher success rate in installation, all working for the benefit of application developers.

Installerex is simple in itself but fully functional and is definitely worth a try. Should you encounter any bad publicity for it, please consider that all these might just be for competition’s sake. Be the judge yourself. Sign up with Installerex now and work to your advantage.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Customized Installers Made Possible with Installerex

As a developer, it has been a constant challenge for me to develop applications, of course. But then, that is what I do so that is less than the actual challenge. The rise of installation platforms has really been such a great help and every developer out there couldn’t be more grateful that we have these platforms readily available now.

Before, we would have to code nonstop. Delivery of installers even take longer than a month because of the extra work we put into it. But, with the use of installation platforms, everything just became easier. We now can deliver in a week what we used to have delivered in a month. It’s a total win-win situation for the clients and the developers.

What’s challenging is how to develop customized installers. Thankfully, I found Installerex.

Installerex is an installation platform that specializes in helping developers create their own installers. Yes, this would mean, you get to have a say in how your installer looks like. You choose what screens display and what texts to put. The choice is yours. You can absolutely make it the coolest possible installer and be certain and proud to say that it is yours.

Aside from that, Installerex clearly had the developers’ welfares in its mind because they also help developers earn from their installers. They have developed this cash per click sort of system, that gets you money from every click or download of your installer.

Installerex happens to be good advertisers and extreme market agents. They ensure that you get higher successful installation rates possible because of their unique ways of marketing your installers.

To cut it short, Installerex provides all the hard work while helping you earn. How cool is that!
So if I were you, better get fast and connect with Installerex now.

Author: Jean Rex

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Doing business, or starting up a new venture, is not an easy thing to do especially these days. Ask any entrepreneur and they will give you the same answer. You will really have to toil and work hard to be able to make any business work. Nowadays, most markets are saturated. If you have an idea for something, someone not far away from you might have already thought of the same thing. And if you’re really unlucky, that person is already way ahead of you.

This is precisely the reason why a lot of would-be entrepreneurs take to the Internet to create new opportunities for themselves. Rather than spend a ton of money in setting up a business in which overhead expenses are ridiculously high, people create new markets that are still untapped. You can make money by selling products, invest in stocks, do trading or even create websites that will make you earn in the long run. One of the new opportunities that can be done online is the development and the selling of applications.

Apps are the craze these days. With smart phones being the primary device of interest for a lot of people all over the world, downloading new and useful applications are considered to be a need. This creates a lot of opportunities for app developers or even those who simply have a great idea for an app itself. That being said, any product can be deemed uninteresting unless it gets the proper distribution. This is where Installerex comes in. By making this company your partner, you can be rest assured that your apps can both be developed and distributed to the right people to ensure optimization.

The Installerex website explains what they can do for you. As a developer, they can help make your ideas real and turn them into downloadable content. Or, they can take what you already have and ensure its distribution to the open market. As a partnership, they will not charge you first without making sure that your product is ready to be launched. Then, the people behind Installerex will only charge you for every successful download of your product. This is how you know you won’t get ripped off at all. In addition, they will provide you with updated information round the clock so you know how your product is doing in real time. So if you have an idea about an app that you’ve always wanted heard, Installerex is your best bet. 

Author: Jean Rex

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Software developers or companies selling programs and applications who are still solely relying on installation discs to distribute their products are missing a lot. Why? This is because a lot of people are now purchasing their software or programs they need online through download. This is more convenient as they can do this anytime, anywhere; as long as they have a computer and Internet connection. I am also a software developer. My sales went up when I started making my programs available for download over the web. Good thing that I learned about Installerex. This is a fantastic platform that developers and companies selling applications would find extremely useful.

Installerex is a platform for creating cloud base installers. One of the best things about this is that you do not have to pay for an upfront fee to have your installer created. That’s right. You can have your installer ready without even spending a dollar. It is pay per install so you will only pay if your installer was successfully installed by the clients. Its service does not just end in having your installer created. It collects data so you can analyze your installations and users by logging in to the site. Since this is based online, you can always check on your stats as long as you have Internet connectivity. Through the data collected, you will know if your campaign is successful and if you’re reaching your target market. If not, you can change your strategy in order to achieve your goals. Installerex will also help you with this since it has distribution channels that you can use to effectively reach your likely audience depending on their country, OS, browser, as well as preferred content.

Aside from earning by selling your programs, it also offers another way to monetize with your installer. You can add advertisements and product offers on your installer to earn extra. But this is completely optional. If you do not want ads on your installer, then that is not a problem. The best feature of Installerex is its stability. The developers of the platform know how important it is for an installer to be reliable. Users may not continue using the software if the installer keeps on failing on the download or installation process. Installerex ensures that installers are fast to download and install and that they have high success rate on the installation. Even if clients really like your software, if they find it inconvenient to install the program, they may give up and find another application instead. If you want to make changes to how your installer looks, this can easily be done by accessing the site. Its tools would let you do this easily.

I am almost done with my new software. I will not use any platform aside from Installerex to create the installer for it. I am satisfied with the result on my first installer so I am confident that I will never go wrong with the service. The site is also protected and tested daily with powerful Internet protection software like Norton, McAfee and AVG. 

Author: Jean Rex

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Installerex vs InstallCore

Application developers can now conveniently create their installers and easily make them available to the market with the use of platforms designed for this job. Two of the most popular platforms nowadays that you can use for creating an installer for your app are Installerex and InstallCore. But which platform is really the best? Get to know more about these two services so you can weigh your options.

installerex site screenshots

As mentioned, Installerex is one of the platforms that you can use for creating an installer for your application. It is easy to use so you should not have any problems with the process. But in case you encounter some issues, the company has a team of professionals that you can contact for assistance. You can customize your installer so it will appear exactly how you want your users to see it.

Installerex offers tools to let you reach your potential clients and effectively market your application. You can also promote other products or services on your installer for monetization. One of the common reasons why applications are not used by clients is because they fail to install. Some take time to download and install, causing the user to cancel the process. Installers from installerex have high success rate on installation, which is why developers can be assured that their users will be able to get their apps. Since this is a pay per install platform, you will only pay for every successful installation of your application, which is a fair deal. It also comes with reporting tools that you can use to easily check how well your installer is doing on the market.


Another option for creating an installer for your application is InstallCore. It hosts over 3 million install daily. The platform offers a user friendly software development kit or SDK, making it convenient for developers to create an installer that they can distribute on the web. Like Installerex, it also lets you monetize on your app by providing installers that have high success rate on installation and allows posting of advertisements. Some of the features that this platform provides are multilingual, JavaScript based, download accelerator for remote files and small stub. It also provides report so you can keep track of your installations.


Both platforms are good options for creating installers with high installation success rate. This is important to make sure that your application actually reaches your clients. Some installers fail to install preventing users from utilizing the app. This has a negative impact on the developer or the company. The two platforms also provide installers that have faster download and installation speed, which could also have an impact on the users. If download and installation take longer time to complete, this may cause the users to quit the process. There is a higher possibility that they will complete the said processes if they do not take much time. They also both allow customization and monetization, as well as monitoring of installation. However, if you want a service that lets you pay for only successful installation of your application, then Installerex could be the best option for you. This is a smart choice as you do not want to spend any cash if clients were not able to use your app. Another good thing about Installerex is that the site is protected by leading Internet security programs including AVG, Norton and McAfee, making sure that installers are safe for installation. It also has trust seals from ClickID, SiteLock and Trust Guard. Some users have difficulties accessing InstallCore since it is being blocked by other security programs like ESET for potentially unwanted content.

Author: Jean Rex